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Bringing the future to FiT

Andrew Glover, Managing Director of Solaris, West Yorkshire Windows and Green Yorkshire Solar, explains more about the new conservatory roof they are launching at the FiT

“Over several decades the conservatory has been a welcome addition to many homes across the UK. Adding value and extra space, often without planning constraint hassles, the market has evolved significantly from the standard Victorian and Lean-To boxes that whitewashed our homes, to the more sophisticated orangeries of today available in almost any style, colour and configuration you could dream of. Driven by a mix of consumer demand and trade innovation, this progress is the main thing I love about the home improvement industry. It never stands still.

“Myself and my brother Matthew started out about 20 years ago as West Yorkshire Windows selling windows in our home town of Wakefield. Since then the business has developed and grown into a multi-faceted retailer selling a broad range of home improvement products. As well as a wider offering of new, sophisticated conservatories reflecting consumers’ changing lifestyles, we’ve also realised how important the retro-fit market has become. It’s a really important trend for the industry as a whole and has seen us upgrade and replace many early installs with more stylish, better quality, more energy efficient products. Roofs too have come under scrutiny with the development of many options for better acoustics and aesthetics in glazing. And now, we believe the Solaris Roof is set to herald the next step change in the conservatory sector.

“The Solaris roof is the result of taking two proven products, designing-in great aesthetics, and offering the trade a unique added value product. Our experience of working with both products caused a light-bulb-moment for us – what would happen if we incorporated some solar panels in with a solid roof? We quickly identified this concept as a niche product that could offer the homeowner something truly progressive. Through our own research and development we have redefined and redesigned the conservatory roof. Truly unique benefits and features have been designed in, the latest materials and technology have been used and combined with ease and speed of installation, flexibility of design this product is suitable any new build project. And the key benefit – how great is it for a salesperson to be able to offer a huge point of differentiation with the genuine promise of home owners being able to generate their own electricity? The Solaris roof makes this a reality – and costs little more than a standard solid roof.

“We’re in a position to be able to offer such a unique roof thanks to our specific experience in designing and manufacturing conservatories and solar solutions. The team at Green Yorkshire Solar have fitted every size, shape and orientation of solar products, and we have enjoyed the revolution of solar energy being created in the home. Even with the downturn in government support and drop in the feed-in-tariff earlier this year, we still do. If you’re interested in enjoying a similar boost to your business by offering something truly different, come and see this progressive and remarkable product at the FIT Show stand A50. Don’t miss out on what we believe is the future of conservatories.”

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