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Back at FIT show 2016 – in a nutshell what can visitors expect?

Andrew Glover: Traditionally we have supported the FIT Show as West Yorkshire Windows but this year we’re doing something different – exhibiting two of our other, newer companies, that complement each other - West Yorkshire Architectural and Solaris. West Yorkshire Architectural offer a range of Aluminium products, both commercial and for the home, and Solaris is a brand new product being launched exclusively at FIT. (installer award)

How did the Solaris Roof come about?

Our industry knowledge and experience caused a lightbulb moment for us and using the skills of our own product development team, we have created a product that’s absolutely right for its time. Over several decades the conservatory has been a welcome addition to many homes across the UK. Adding value, extra space and room, the market has evolved significantly often without planning constraint hassles. Now available in every desirable shape, size, colour, material and style, with the addition of a range of roof types – polycarbonate, glass and solid roofs – turning the part time, outside room into a the extra ground floor space every home needs. So why not create the extra space and save the homeowner money too? (by generating their own electricity?)

What is the Solaris Roof?

Without giving too much away the concept is simple yet unique and progressive. Putting together two proven, existing products to create something we believe is the future of conservatory roofs. By combining a market leading solid roof with solar PV panels, in an aesthetically pleasing way, we saw the opportunity to enable the conservatory to not only provide extra space but to be a source of energy too.

No secret that Solar has had a bad press?

At Green Yorkshire Solar have fitted every size, shape and orientation of Solar products, with over 20 years experiences in solar research, we have enjoyed the revolution of solar energy being created in the home. Even though further cuts to Feed-in-Tariffs earlier this year and the downturn in government support have hit the solar market hard, the options for the homeowner to generate electricity and save money are more than still available. The overall cost of panels has reduced whilst the quality and efficiency has improved. The cost of battery-storage units are reducing, making them far more affordable, meaning the homeowner is not just prohibited to using the free energy generate only when the sun is shining, but all round the clock.

How does the roof compare price-wise, and practically from an installers point of view?

We want to share this with everyone. Through R&D we have made the prices comparable to that of a standard solid roof. Available in standard sizes gable fronted or lean to, as a flat pack option that easy to install, Solaris will provide all the sales support and training needed for installers to add this product to their portfolio. The roof has been designed to on anything – retro-fit or new build and it can be taylor-made if required.

What is the visitor experience going to be like?

Every year people always try to do something different – this year we are keeping it simple to showcase what we are offering. Of course we will have a theme, but why not come and see for yourself. We are on stand A50 in the Innovation Zone. Our expert team are available throughout the show to talk to installers about the unique concept, the benefits it offers and the service we are providing. At 4pm every day will be running through a presentation of the new product. Let us know you are coming and get your free ticket here: www.fitshow.co.uk/solaris/reg.

www.solarisroofs.co.uk and follow us on twitter @solarisroof to track our developments leading up to FIT.

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