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Haffner introduce new SBA-2 video to support growing sales

Haffner Murat’s SBA-2 Machining Centre has revolutionised countless fabricators’ processes thanks to its long list of automated features. But Dave Thomas, Haffner Murat’s Managing Director, says: “It can be difficult to understand just how much the machine can bring to a business without seeing it in action. This is why we’ve commissioned a short video so that people can see for themselves why the SBA-2 is the powerhouse of window fabrication.”

The SBA-2 Machining Centre is an inspired piece of engineering that has come about through many years of innovation in machinery design. The SBA improves output, quality and reduces both labour time and wastage. All cutting and prepping required on conventional windows and doors are pre-programmed using the outstanding Beckhoff software. This can be fully integrated with the most popular door and window production software packages to ensure it will slot seamlessly into an existing set up. Scrap profiles are automatically transported to a waste container and there is a dust and chip extraction system, all helping to keep a clean, safe and professional production environment.

Dave Thomas concludes, “All of these unique features are shown in action on the video and we know it is going to be a useful tool for customers looking to invest in automation and see for themselves the benefits it can bring to their business.”

The video can be seen on Haffner Murat’s website at http://www.haffnermurat.com/pvcu/sba-2.html

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