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Extension design ‘flows’ from steel windows

Pictured is the Schogger’s kitchen and dining area with steel windows and doors

Having found the house of their dreams in a quiet North London street, Marcelle and Robert Schogger, decided to extend in order to create a spacious kitchen and dining area. They were determined that steel windows should be the key architectural feature of their project and, with this in mind, they appointed Steel Window Association member, Steel Window Service & Supplies, to supply and install a large window and door screen.

Robert Schogger, a director of a manged office provider, designed the 300 sq ft extension and project-managed the build. The couple had first seen steel windows featured in a magazine a few years earlier and knew they fitted with their desire to achieve a classic look within their early 1900s house. Steel windows also avoided the ‘chunky’ aesthetic that would come with other material while ensuring the maximum amount of the light entered an area where the couple and their two young boys would spend much of their time.

Steel Window Service & Supplies is relatively local to the property so the Schogger’s went to see them to talk through their plans. The company’s team helped design the windows and came up with ideas that included creating a threshold detail that allows the wooden floor of the interior and the external paving to run together virtually flush. The team then surveyed the site, liaised with the Schogger’s builders, and installed the windows and door screen to fit in with the build schedule.

Manufactured from W20 sections, the door screen is over 3.2m wide, more than 2.3m high, and contains full height double doors. The window screen includes two horizontal pivoted lights and is just under 3m wide and over 1.3m high. These were hot-dipped galvanised and are finished with a factory-applied polyester powder coating in RAL 9011 black matt. The 16mm double glazing units have Low ‘E’ glass and achieve a centre pane U-value of 1.2 W/m²K.

Robert Schogger comments: “We didn’t want something that would look like every other window and could be bought off the shelf. I’m full of praise for the look of steel windows. They’re elegant, sleek, incredibly attractive and eye-catching and the design for the extension flowed from them. Steel Window Service & Supplies did exactly what they said they would do and it all went incredibly well.”

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