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Pilkington welcomes ‘A’ grades for homes

Pilkington Building Products - UK, has welcomed the Government’s announcement that Energy Performance Certificates will be included in Home Information Packs, to give home buyers, movers and sellers “reliable information on the condition and energy efficiency of homes”.

The Home Information Pack, announced by Housing Minister Yvette Cooper in Parliament on 14th June, will be a set of documents which will provide important information about a property, including a measurement of how energy efficient the property is and this will be displayed as a rating from A to G. The Packs will have to be made available by everyone placing their house on the market after June 2007.

Rick Wilberforce, Market Development Manager for Pilkington said: “By giving consumers more information on the average running costs for heating, hot water and lighting in the home and how to cut these costs with energy efficiency measures, we believe that Home Information Packs will lead to a significant step up in the energy efficiency of homes in the UK.”

The glazing industry already uses a similar rating system for windows; Window Energy Ratings (WERs) give consumers the opportunity to make informed decisions about the type of windows installed in their home.

Around 20 per cent of the heat in a house can be lost though single glazed windows. By fitting new double glazing, such as insulating glass units containing Pilkington K Glass™, this could be cut by half.

Pilkington was instrumental in creating the first ever ‘A’ rated window using a combination of Pilkington Optiwhite and Pilkington K Glass™ and is at the forefront of energy efficient design.

Rick Wilberforce added: “WERs provide customers with instant recognition that a window is energy efficient and can therefore help to reduce fuel costs. The A rated window is the pinnacle of energy efficient window technology. However, to meet the vast majority of current and future needs, windows incorporating the UK’s market leading low-e product, Pilkington K Glass™, will easily comply with the new requirements of Part L and those houses glazed with Pilkington K Glass™ will score better on an efficiency measurement than those without.”

For more information e-mail Pilkington@respond.uk.com or telephone the Technical Helpline on 01744 692000.

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