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Flyscreens – an opportunity for growth

With winter fading and the welcome arrival of spring and hopefully a hot summer, demand for screens to prevent the ingress of fly’s and insects are expected to rise.

While commercially screens have for many years been a health and hygiene requirement for food preparation areas it’s in the domestic market that flyscreens have become a necessary addition to many homes.

The trend towards more outdoor living with the creation of garden rooms and the installation of wide opening bi-folding doors have created its own problems during the summer months with the ingress of flying and crawling insects not only in the country areas but also in towns.

Flyscreens offer the best of both worlds while maintaining the view and airflow the mesh offers protection against many insects including mosquitoes from flying or crawling inside the house.

The use of ‘metalized’ mesh in screens can help in providing a solar barrier that reduces the effect of sunlight and heat gain to the inside space.

Many of the designs originated in Japan but are today sourced from European producers who offer a wide choice of solutions, colours and sizes to suit most applications from simplest DIY fixed kit to the more sophisticated custom made sliding and roller designs.

Most screens are fixed internally but external applications across the whole width of the opening are common practice in Europe.

Manufacturers such as DFM Italia offer a range of non-sprung plisse flyscreens designed for openings up to 6m widths and heights of 3.4m, supplied as kits or custom made the screens simply fold back when not in use.

For openings requiring a low threshold PRONEMA have designed a solution utilizing a ‘caterpillar’ design that allows for opening up to 3.6m in width by 2.7m in height with a choice of pleated or flat mesh.

Roller type screens offered by IRSSPA and others provide a more traditional answer with a simple ‘manual’ pull down function with a speed ‘break’ to control the return or alternatively for larger inaccessible heights offer a wand or motorised solution with a remote control operation.

With the trend to more ‘outdoor living’ Insect screens offer installers a growing domestic market that’s more sophisticated and prepared to commit to a permanent solution that offers ‘all the year round’ protection against unwanted insects and pollen.

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