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The Right Sliding Door Hardware Can Improve Performance and Aesthetics

The Right Sliding Door Hardware Can Improve Performance and Aesthetics

The lift & slide door is one of the most popular innovations in home improvements over the past few years. For architects, it’s the ideal combination of aesthetics and function – yet achieving the smooth movement, slimline appearance and reliable performance requires a precisely engineered system, according to experienced Italian hardware manufacturer AGB.

The company is the manufacturer of the Imago Lift & Slide system, the innovative sliding door hardware system that combines fluid, silent door movements with a large glazing area that frames the view.

Lift and slide mechanisms offer huge potential to complement the best in modern architecture, and Imago has proved popular in the UK since its launch in 2014. With its slimline profile, an Imago door is relatively easy to manufacture but the finished product commands a premium price tag.

A key challenge is to ensure that the door system can carry the weight of all of that glass, to enable movement of the door in a safe and controlled manner.

That’s where the Imago hardware makes such a difference. At the heart of the Imago Lift & Slide system is AGB Hardware’s Uni-V central locking profile. This is engineered to remove any contact between the sash and the frame, for seamless openings and closings. Similarly, the construction of the Uni-V profile permits wide working tolerances that maintain the Imago’s exceptional performance long-term, even with the natural deformation of wood.

It is crucial to the appearance of Imago that the hardware is essentially invisible. For instance, the sliding top guide is inserted into the frame to hide every functional element from the outside. Likewise, the frame of the sliding sash has been concealed to 74 mm thanks to a reduced backset lock.

Elsewhere, a thin aluminium profile creates the glass seat so that the lower transom of the fixed sash can be removed. This ensures that the glass – and, more importantly, the view beyond it – become the central feature of the Imago Lift & Slide door.

Achieving thermal efficiency is also a critical factor in any contemporary door system. Imago can be specified with the Climatech threshold, which offers minimal visual impact but guarantees incredible thermal performances, thanks to the innovative fibreglass reinforced material.

The final consideration is security for that essential peace of mind. Imago incorporates AGB’s Poseidon advanced lock, while uses two opposite facing hooks and a central bolt, as well as a concealed security striker that is installed flush to the frame to complement the slimline design of Imago.

To find out more about Imago Lift & Slide Doors, visit www.chooseimago.co.uk

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