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Neonatal charity to benefit from Liniar’s ‘mud pack’

Just three days before this year’s FIT Show, a group of dedicated Liniar staff will be a world away from the shiny stands at Telford and up to their necks in mud, sweat and tears as they tackle the Spring Wolf Run – but the fantastic amount of sponsorship raised so far is keeping them motivated.

Liniar’s Design & Development and Marketing teams joined forces to enter the “extreme” off-road running event to raise money for the Royal Derby Hospital’s Neonatal unit in memory of Winter Wolfe Gaskin, grandson of D&D Director Adrian ‘Reg’ Redshaw, who sadly passed away just one day after his birth in October last year.

“It’s been fantastic how everyone in both departments has thrown themselves into this,” said Adrian. “They’ve all been training hard and raising sponsorship. The generosity of our customers and trade press has also been astounding, with some incredible donations.

“The total is over £4,000 now but with under a month left to go we’d love to reach £5,000, or even more.”

The Wolf Run is a unique mix of running trails using man-made obstacles, with the 10km run course also featuring a huge number of natural hurdles - from lake swims to mud pits, fallen trees, boggy ground, ditches, hills and dense foliage. The photographs from previous events serve to illustrate the challenge that lies ahead for even the fittest members of the team – most of whom are not runners.

,em>“There’s a good chance that our staff will be battered and bruised while working at this year’s FIT Show, but it will all be worth it for the great amount of money that we will have raised for a cause that’s very close to my heart,” said Adrian.

You can read more about the team and the story behind their efforts at: http://bit.ly/liniarwolves and here http://bit.ly/DTwinterwolfe If you would like to sponsor the Liniar team for the Wolf Run, go to the Virgin Giving page at: http://bit.ly/liniarwolfrun - and to see videos of what they are letting themselves in for, visit http://bit.ly/WolfRun10k.

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