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Trojan’s Pegasus High Security Window Lock offers fabricators and installers something different!

Pegasus High Security Window Lock

The Trojan Group is renowned for delivering innovative hardware products that do their job exceptionally well. This is perfectly demonstrated in its popular Pegasus High Security Window Lock which offers fabricators and installers something very different.

Firstly, the Pegasus High Security Window Lock has multi point locking and guaranteed centre and corner locking for additional security with every installation. It has an extended 20mm reverse locking action which ensures the lock provides enhanced night security. Secondly, when windows are jemmy attacked, the locking actions intensify rather than disengaging as is the case on most locks. The strength of the security credentials are demonstrated in the lock’s PAS 24 accreditation when fitted as part of a window assembly and it has also achieved BBA approval.

The security benefits of the Pegasus sit alongside a wealth of other benefits that are certain to appeal to fabricators and installers. It is one size fits all, so a single lock is suitable for all sashes from 420mm to 1300mm with larger sizes up to 1800mm available too, giving valuable economies of scale. It’s quick and easy to install because the keeps are easy to position in the centre and corner of the windows for every application and gasket compression can be adjusted up to 0.75mm. Offset applications are also achievable from the standard product and the compact central gearbox, which is just 65mm long, means minimal routing is required.

Trojan’s Group Managing Director, Tony Chadwick says, “The Pegasus Window Lock is packed with unique features that are not available with other locking mechanisms. Since the product was launched, more and more fabricators and installers have seen for themselves the benefit of having Pegasus in their portfolio. It really is ‘more than just a lock’ and is therefore a valuable hardware addition.”

The lock is manufactured using high grade zinc alloy, grades 430 and 304 stainless steel. Evidence of the quality of lock is demonstrated in its 10 year guarantee against mechanical failure.

Tony concludes, “The Pegasus High Security Window Lock delivers in all areas: it has outstanding security credentials while also offering excellent cost savings for fabricators and installers.” And that’s why the lock has joined the other products in Trojan’s portfolio as one that adds value where it matters.

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