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TuffX Processed Glass comes to the rescue

Specialist toughened processed glass manufacturer TuffX is valued by its customers for its ability to provide glass in lengths of up to 4.2 metres, something that makes stunning expanses of glass a reality. The company’s manufacturing capabilities proved to be invaluable for one installation company, helping them to solve a leaking conservatory roof for a homeowner and dramatically improve the aesthetics at the same time.

The installation company had been approached by a homeowner after his conservatory roof had started leaking four months after installation. The conservatory roof had a total length of 3.340mm and had been roofed using two separate units joined with a muntin bar. The homeowner was understandably disappointed and keen to have the problem solved as quickly as possible.

The homeowner had discovered TuffX online and suggested to the installation company that TuffX’s 4.2 metre glass panels could be the solution they were looking for. Using such a product would remove the need to use a muntin bar, removing the risk of leaks as well as improving the aesthetics of the installation. Both the installer and the homeowner were delighted to find that using a single unit of glass made a minimal difference in cost compared to two units tied together with a muntin bar.

TuffX supplied an Ambi-Blue conservatory glass roof for the homeowner’s conservatory and it was successfully fitted by the installer. The glass is self-cleaning and offers up to 60% reduction from the sun’s heat rays, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory in summer.

The homeowner is delighted with the finished result which gives him peace of mind as well as a more aesthetically pleasing living area. And thanks to the quality of the service the installation company received on the project, TuffX has a new repeat customer.

TuffX manufactures a huge range of toughened processed glass for domestic and commercial use from its Merseyside factory and is renowned for its commitment to supplying high quality products and exceptional customer service. Its attention to detail and willingness to help on a project of this scale illustrates its customer-oriented approach and helps explain why the company has grown rapidly in recent years.

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