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Nano 470: the world’s first and only non-UV Construction Adhesive for Glass

Nano 470

Nano 470 is the world’s first and only non-UV Construction Adhesive for Glass, brought to you by the inventors of the original non-UV bevel bonding adhesive that revolutionised bevel application in the decorative glass industry.

Until non-UV bonding was introduced a dozen or more years ago, glass artists and those applying decorative bevels in the factory to double-glazed window units had to work with a UV light source in order to cure the adhesive. It was expensive, not particularly fast, and it certainly was considered a health risk, especially with prolonged exposure to UV.

The Safe2Bond White Light Curable Adhesive on the other hand was fast, predictable, and safe, using an ordinary fluorescent white light source to affect the bond rather than potentially harmful UV. Naturally the cost of white fluorescent light tubes is much lower, and these are more readily available in a wide variety of sizes, than the UV alternative.

Non-UV bevel bonding is now the norm within the decorative glass and glass processing industries.

Now, Nano 470 High Strength Construction Adhesive offers the same predictability and safety in use as everyday decorative bevel bonding, but for much heavier duty applications, such as bonding glass shelving, logos and designs to glass screens, balustrades or facades, or assembling glass furniture.

For Nano 470 doesn’t just make a high strength bond with glass to glass - it also reliably makes a high strength bond with glass to metal as well.

The advantage in the factory is that fluorescent white light is safe for those working nearby; the advantage in the application is that the incredible strength of the Nano 470 bond itself is safe and permanent.

Nano 470 will bond all-glass shower cubicles and glass boxes, bond metal fittings to glass table tops, help form a wall of glass shelves, and even repair a broken glass table! The range of applications for Nano 470 is as varied as the application of glass itself.

Distributorships for a number of UK and European markets and regions are currently available.

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