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Residence 9 installers get more (and more!) leads

Residence 9’s successful consumer marketing strategy is taking off, and generating 10% more leads every month on average compared to each previous month. R9 installers are benefitting from homeowners that know what they want, and where to get it. Part of DW3 Products Group, Residence 9 makes beautiful and authentic windows the way they’re meant to be.

Active social media accounts and eye-catching installation images are spreading the word among homeowners, who find their local Residence 9 installer by visiting the website and typing in their postcode (www.residence9.co.uk).

Managing Director Dan Gill says: “Residence 9 installations are stunning so they attract the attention of homeowners with similar homes. The ‘Find an installer’ section of our website is easy to use, so homeowners are using it, and installers are getting leads through quickly and stress-free.

“Residence 9 is designed to exude the elegance of traditional windows,” adds Dan. “The dimensions are authentic so they look beautiful. They look like old style windows but performance matches today’s highest standards. That’s why Residence 9 is perfect for conservation projects or modern homes that want incredibly beautiful windows inside and out.”

To find out more about Residence 9 visit www.residence9.co.uk, email innovation@residence9.co.uk, or follow @residence9.

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Now part of Masonite International, The Residence Collection represents an integration of three of the most innovative PVCu window and door systems in the fenestration industry.

Part of the same group, Window Widgets has a history dating back well over a decade,

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