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Quickslide’s employees make the grade

Brighouse-based window manufacturer Quickslide is celebrating after 58 of its production staff were presented with their certificates for successfully completing an NVQ in ‘Performing Manufacturing Operations’ (PMO).

Quickslide is highly regarded for its sliding sash windows, and the company has been instrumental in making this former niche product popular, while manufacturing a wide range of other styles of windows and doors.

“Our success as a company hinges on the ability of our staff to make some of the best windows in the industry,” explained Quickslide’s managing director Michael Connor. “Therefore, we raised our game and improved the skills of our employees by putting 58 of them on a course with Track Training.”

The PMO NVQ Diploma is designed to cover the skills and knowledge in one or more of a wide variety of manufacturing activities.

Assessors looked for many key indicators of competent behaviour, including: controlling manufacturing operations; inspecting the quality of a finished product; and working effectively as part of a team.

Quickslide employee Simon Bedford, who is often found in charge of the glazing element of window manufacturer, explained why the course was important to him.

“When I started work at Quickslide, I knew next to nothing about window manufacture,” he said. “However, over the last 3 years, I have been trained to make frames to a very high standard, fit industry leading hardware, and fully inspect a window to pick up on any defects.

“While there are many people in this country making windows, my diploma proves that – along with my 57 colleagues – I am among the best at doing it. It also proves that Quickslide is keen recognise excellence in the workplace.”

Michael also explained that it was important to remember the operator in what has become an increasingly automated industry. “Window machinery speeds up the window making process and takes away much of the hard work from the employee,” he said. “Unfortunately, this can lead to a dumbing down, meaning problems are not spotted fast enough if they occur. By putting our employees on a course, we know that they are critical of the manufacturing process from when the order comes in to when the window leaves on the back of a lorry. And, ultimately, our customers will benefit from that.”

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Yorkshire-based Quickslide is best-known for its acclaimed sliding sash windows, and the company has been instrumental in bringing this former niche product into the mainstream of the retrofit and new-build markets, but it also manufactures a wide range of other styles of windows and doors for trade and commercial customers. The company’s workforce has grown in the past 12 months with the addition of a further 10 staff and plans to expand again over the next year.

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