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Benefits of importing windows from Poland

More profits for the joinery business

Poland is among the largest manufacturers of doors and windows in Europe. It is also one of top exporters of joinery to EU countries. According to the Polish Ministry of the Economy the value of exported PVC joinery amounted to EUR 603.2 mln. Last year, the value of foreign sales of wooden doors and windows amounted to EUR 543 mln.

The increasing demand for Polish joinery greatly boosts Polish exports. Manufacturers invest in new technologies and production lines. Manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery by world-class manufacturers i.e. Rotox, Urban or Elumatec – comments one of the leading exporters of joinery, Roman Bieg, co-owner of Aikon Distribution Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

The size of this industry is described in a report on „production of major industrial items VIII 2015” released by the Polish Central Statistical Office (GUS). According to the report, more than 14 mln doors, windows and other items made of wood and PVC were manufactured from January to August 2015. GUS also reported an increase in production - by 12% for wood joinery, by nearly 4% for PVC windows, and by nearly 15% for PVC doors year-to-year.

Price advantages are due to the differences between the Polish market and the Western European markets. The costs of labour in Poland are still significantly lower compared to EU top - minimum wage in the United Kingdom is GBP 6.7 per, while in Poland it is as low as approx 1.7 GBP per hour.

The same applies to a number of costs related to conducting business. At the same time, global technology and many innovations are implemented in Poland on an ongoing basis. Thus, by importing goods from Poland one can acquire top quality products for lower prices.

Polish plants manufacture windows for system providers i.e.: Schuco, Rehau, Veka, Aluplast. According to the Polish Ministry of the Economy, on the Polish market there are approximately 2500 manufacturers of doors and windows. This sector is very varied and includes both large international companies and small wood workshops. Given this broad and varied offer - how to choose the right supplier?

Since we cooperate with a number of Polish manufacturers, we know which companies specialise in the production of wooden windows, which manufacturers have the capacity to create customised windows made of PVC or aluminium, and which companies have access to a technology for the manufacture of extra-size structures. As we order large amounts of products on a continuous basis, we can negotiate large discounts for our customers – explains Grzegorz Żmuda, co-owner of Aikon Distribution Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.

The cooperation with Polish distributors enables British Companies to purchase wholesale amounts of products for low prices, and thus increase profits. Polish distributors have a profound knowledge of the local market and the strengths and weaknesses of the respective production plants. They act on behalf of foreign customers and e.g. inspect the quality of the ordered goods, before dispatching them abroad. This allows foreign customers to acquire high quality products for low prices, and to minimise the risk of purchase at the same time.

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