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Urban regeneration from frameXpress

When it comes to product performance and stunning aesthetics, urban regeneration continues to evolve into a vast arena where architects and specifiers can blend the best of both worlds. For frameXpress this has been an important market sector to consider, particularly when evaluating climate change and reduced carbon emissions in relation to buildings.

Most recently a variety of products from the frameXpress portfolio were incorporated into an inner city conversion project in London. Here, a number of modern apartments were developed from a traditional office block where energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint needed to be key considerations in the building’s evolution. Products selected from the range included the highest performance casement windows and French doors in white woodgrain FS70 mm system with matching white astragal bar throughout to maintain the traditional theme of the building.

For Ian Davis, National Sales Manager at FrameXpress being able to provide performance and choice are just two of the key elements that he feels should be brought together to create successful UK urban regeneration projects. Today, for fabricators, he considers it is essential they understand aspects of the architectural world to ensure that conversion projects can be highly efficient, stylish and ‘green’.

He comments, “Being able to advise on the technical viability of a project regarding ‘clean green’ and appealing design is essential, otherwise it could lead to stylised schemes which quickly lose their vibrancy and ultimately their future profitability as time progresses. Everyone discusses performance and margins but varying styles and design disciplines are equally important to understand.”

Ian also believes that city planners have a central role to play in tackling urban climate change primarily because the inner city developments must adapt to its effects, as the buildings contribute a lot to carbon emissions, so therefore they are under severe threat from its impacts.

Climate-friendly planning is growing as the long-term effects of urban spatial policies are now carefully considered and introduced into industry legislation. Consequently, green design has become a key part of helping to tackle urban climate change and a focus for the frameXpress team. Installing the right windows, glass and doors such as the products from the frameXpress portfolio, will ensure that city planners can improve inner city pollution.

“Evaluating spatial policies is a large part of the job,” Ian comments, “This covers a range of issues that affect customers, from regional developments to individual buildings, including retrofitting existing buildings and infrastructure renewal.

Ian continues: “Through urban regeneration such as this office conversion, with the right products, the best use can me made of brownfields and underutilised lands.

Rather than a mono style, varied architectural styles create character in projects and being able to produce a range that can accommodate that blend of architectural disciplines is vital in today’s market.

Buildings are among the major sources of carbon emissions due to energy consumption for heating and cooling. Special attention should therefore be paid by fabricators when turning existing buildings into low-carbon and less vulnerable structures. Urban regeneration will help in overcoming building-related challenges, either by retrofitting or renewing existing buildings, as part of the renewal and rehabilitation of inner cities.”

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