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Customers first at frameXpress

The frameXpress management team has once again taken positive steps to further strengthen customer relations by instigating a number of customer service training days, which all staff attended. In conjunction with Angela Griffin, HR Manager at frameXpress, The Professional Development Training Company from Birmingham staggered an intensive training course for all personnel over a week.

The workshops provided staff with an opportunity to refresh and further develop their customer service skills, which evaluated existing methods and reviewed staff potential in all relevant areas. Individual strengths and weakness were identified with an overall purpose of further building customer relations across the company.

Assessing customer expectations and reviewing service accordingly was considered key to staff development, with the sessions giving the frameXpress team the opportunity to refocus their approach to customer service where necessary.

Angela Griffin comments, “We have been able to evaluate customer requirements and consider ways where we can personalise our approach to them. Reinforcing a trust and rapport with customers is essential, so personal communication style was an invaluable aspect to this training programme.”

The course was considered important by Managing Directors, Stuart Green and Mark Westbrook, who believe that evaluating and improving customer service where necessary is an essential aspect to moving the business further forward.

Mark Westbrook comments, “We all have good and bad traits, and sometimes it can be easy to allow small habits to develop which are not necessarily the best thing overall for a company. Appraising staff and acknowledging all aspects of the job roles are important things to consider when gearing up to move a company forward.

Looking at the organisational structure as well as the customer process is important, particularly when you have a number of departments working alongside each other. Interdepartmental communication has to be smooth and effective, which this course has reinforced for all of us.”

Angela Griffin concludes, “Understanding our customers’ expectations and striving to exceed those is vital, which will further strengthen business relations and reinforce our corporate position as a leading fabricator which excels in customer support.”

frameXpress Ltd is a leading fabricator of pvc-u and aluminium windows, doors and conservatories for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Please call 01952 581100 for more information on the portfolio or visit the website www.frameXpress.co.uk

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frameXpress is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with an established reputation for excellence across the industry. With a broad product portfolio that includes the most modern pvc-u and aluminium systems as well as Composite Doors and the Guardian Roofing system,customers have confidence in the entire portfolio.

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