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Report highlights installer optimism surrounding growing sash window market

Sash Window Profitability

88% of installers expect more sash window jobs in 2015, and 65% feel sash window jobs are more profitable than casements, according to the latest study into the market by Roseview Windows.

Working alongside industry data specialists Insight Data, Roseview recently questioned over 10,000 installers, asking their opinions on sash windows and gauging their confidence in the market.

Aside from concluding that the majority of installers expect the market to continue to grow, the survey also revealed that 69% buy-in sash windows with run-through sash horns and 50% with mechanical joints.

The move to these specialised conservation features goes hand in hand with the growth in the heritage market, where authentic aesthetics are especially important. 65% of installers said they had installed uPVC sash windows in a conservation area, with many agreeing that uPVC sash windows can replace timber, offering modern benefits whilst retaining traditional aesthetics.

Mike Bygrave, marketing manager of Roseview Windows comments: “As a specialist sash window fabricator, Roseview have a vested interested in the future of the market so we decided to team up with Insight Data and gauge industry opinion.

“The latest Palmer Market Report announced that the market had grown by 15%, but we wanted to go into more depth and hear the views of installers selling sash windows at the sharp end. It was fascinating to read the responses and overall the answers were very positive. It was particularly pleasing to see that 100% of our customers said we offered them enough technical support, helping them remain confident in a growing sash window market.”

Producing over 500 sash windows per week, the majority of which include premium features such as run-through horns and mechanical joints, Roseview are the UK’s leading specialist sash window fabricator. The company has doubled in size over the last three years – growing from £2.5m to £5m turnover – and has invested to create one of, if not the most efficient sash window production facility in the UK.

Roseview offers a choice of three sash windows – the Ultimate Rose, the Heritage Rose and the Charisma Rose – which are suitable for all tastes and budgets.

If you would like to discuss the market report in more detail, contact Roseview on 01234 712657. www.roseview.co.uk

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Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows are specialist manufacturers of uPVC sash windows.

Their product range comprises three models – Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose – which together make up The Rose Collection. All have been designed to replicate timber sash window aesthetics while offering low maintenance and the enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and security benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

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