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Direct mail still in the lead

Ten years ago direct mail was arguably the most popular lead generation marketing method. It’s personal, demands to be opened and can communicate a sales message quickly and succinctly. But with the rise of the internet, the number of businesses using direct mail to target potential customers has dropped, with much of that budget being spent on online marketing. However, with recent research from Royal Mail concluding that 83% of people believe direct mail to be easier to consume than e-mail, are businesses missing a trick by ignoring direct mail?

The study also found that 92% of all direct mail is being opened, and 48% of adults in the UK are taking action after receiving it, proving that direct mail still remains the marketing channel with the highest conversion rate and lowest cost-per-lead ratio.

Sean Scott of Purplex Marketing, the full-service agency that created GoSend.it, the revolutionary lead generation service for installers, commented: “This is happening despite the convenience and constant presence of the online in our day-to-day lives, or perhaps because of it. Bombarding people with digital media has a cost: the message is diluted.

“Direct mail has the undisputed advantage that it engages with potential customers on a more personal level, and installers have the guarantee that their message won’t pass unnoticed. With most internet leads, the installer has no idea about their quality, whereas leads generated via direct mail deliver qualified customers who know they want to buy windows and doors and are ready to make the purchase.”

GoSend.it is an innovative service that uses advanced online software technology and consumer data profiling from a database of 29 million UK addresses to identify and target the relevant properties. Sean added: “Thanks to our database, installers can target homes around a project they delivered, allowing potential customers to see the quality of their work and generating trust. Prices start at £1 per card, including expertly designed and written templates, printing and postage.

“With 79% of the UK adults that respond to direct mail approaches taking immediate action, GoSend.it can help installers generate leads of the highest possible quality”, concluded Sean.

The service can be accessed at www.gosend.it, where installers will find professionally designed drop cards with prices starting at just £1/card, including postage.

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