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Quickslide Switch to CENSolutions

Well established specialist PVC-U sliding sash window manufacturer and G-14 winner of Training and Development Initiative of the Year, Quickslide has made the switch to CENSolutions for its certification requirements. CENSolutions is widely recognised as the leading consultancy and test facility for the window, door and glazing industries but Quickslide identified some additional benefits to working with the company.

Michael Connor, Operations Director of Quickslide says: “Our previous certification supplier seemed to come in and simply tick the boxes they needed to tick to pass the audit. We didn’t receive advice on how to do things better and when we asked for help, it wasn’t easy getting it. Working with CENSolutions couldn’t be more different. We have only been working with the team at CENSolutions for a few months but they are already challenging us to become even better at what we do and to continuously improve our business. They are also on hand to help with any additional queries we might have. This way of working is exactly what we want from our certification supplier because we want to be the best that we can be. That is precisely why we won the G14 award too, for demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement.

“CENSolutions are supporting us with BS EN 1279, BS EN 14351, and PAS 24:12, and after their initial visit and first audit alone, made some suggestions for improvements in argon gas filling and glass unit testing which has saved us a considerable amount of money while improving quality. Quickslide has always put quality at the forefront of everything it does so having the correct certification is essential as far as we’re concerned. It is becoming even more important though because people want the best products for the best value for money, which means we need testing and certification regimes in place that prove we are producing fully compliant products but that also ensure we are not wasting money.”

Paul Scrivener of CENSolutions adds: “The team at Quickslide are a pleasure to work with because they are so focussed on quality and delivering the very best they can for their customers. It’s frustrating for us to see companies not fulfilling their potential because they aren’t being given all the information about manufacturing procedures and efficiencies. We see that as a crucial part of our job, to try and help all of our customers continuously improve their products and manufacturing procedures.”

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