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CENSolutions Sees Testing the Right Way at Wintech Open Day

Wintech, PAS 24 Security Testing

CENSolutions is widely recognised as the leading consultancy and test facility for the window, door and glazing industries and as it continues to extend its scope of services, it is keen to ensure its team of dedicated independent consultants understand first-hand the testing its customers’ products are subjected to. That is why the entire CENSolutions team recently visited Wintech Engineering Limited in Telford for one of its open days.

Mike Gaillard, Joint Managing Director of CENSolutions says: “Although CENSolutions is more of a facilitator for companies achieving certification, we are often asked for advice on which tests are needed for a particular product combination or range. We have an excellent range of expertise across the team which allows us to do just that, but what better way to understand testing in its entirety, than to see it done first-hand by a UKAS accredited, quality test house.

“The team at Wintech showed us PAS 24 Security Testing, BS 6375-1 Weather Testing, EN 1191 Cyclic Testing, EN 12600 Glass Impact Testing and EN 1288-3 4-Point Bend Glass Testing. It was fascinating to see the tests being conducted and what some of the well made products in our industry will actually stand up to! And the day achieved - exactly as we hoped it would - an even better understanding across our consultants and customer service advisors of what happens to a window, door or piece of glass in each of the tests we put our customers forward for.”

Technical Director of Wintech Engineering, Michael Wass adds: “We are always pleased to open our doors to anyone who wants to see the tests we carry out on windows, doors and glass and how we run them. We take a quality approach to everything we do, for example we have designed a lot of the testing equipment ourselves to ensure the equipment stands up to the rigorous tests we perform on behalf of our customers. Visitors are often surprised at how much a door will withstand when being tested for security or how much a piece of glass will bend before it breaks – all tests that we perform in our UKAS accredited laboratory, and all tests that quality companies like CENSolutions need to be talking to their customers about in the marketplace.”

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