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Saint-Gobain Glass unveils new mid-iron substrate PLANICLEAR

Saint-Gobain Glass UK has improved its float glass offer by launching SGG PLANICLEAR, a new standard float glass specification with lower iron content. The new substrate replaces its predecessor, SGG PLANILUX.

Over the past few years the glass and glazing industry has witnessed a growing trend towards clearer float glass substrates. This demand is being driven by the need for a more neutral appearance in both the Architectural (project) market and the Interior glass sector as well as the need for improved passive energy gain in the Residential window market.

Andy Hyde, Sales and Marketing Director for Saint-Gobain Glass stated – “We have been eager to make the transition to SGG PLANICLEAR as there are a number of clear benefits. Aesthetically, the product looks much more neutral which is desired across all markets and applications. This will ensure superior aesthetics across our high-performance coated products – particularly in the greater thicknesses.

“Furthermore, the enhanced clarity of the glass reduces the level of absorption – which boosts light transmission and solar heat gain. This improves the overall energy balance of the window and also helps to reduce the risks posed by thermal stress including breakage”.

SGG PLANICLEAR has been introduced across all plants in Europe – ensuring that the benefits cover the entire SGGUK product range.

Andy concluded: “At Saint-Gobain Glass, we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. We are delighted to be able to bring to market this enhanced substrate which will give our customers the leading edge - no matter which market they sell into”.

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