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Solidor’s up in the cloud

Solidor continue to innovate in the composite door sector and their latest Solidor Cloud software solution is one of their most exciting marketing and operational developments to date, which was launched at the FIT Show.

Put simply, Solidor Cloud will completely revolutionise the way people generate leads for composite doors and then push those leads through to live orders on the Solidor CRM system, in a completely paperless environment. Through a dedicated trade log in section to Solidor’s website, customers can obtain online quotes in real time and then place orders at the click of a mouse.

But Solidor Cloud offers much more as the live order tracking facility can be harnessed so customers can find out exactly where the orders are on the system, call up old jobs, order replacement parts and even log any complaints or issues. Customers can also chose delivery dates and addresses and even be notified of any out of stock issues.

Recommended and Premium Installers can also upload new showroom images, update opening times and order point of sale and other marketing support materials. Trade suppliers can also benefit from their own software solution that will integrate to the Solidor Cloud. Customers will also be sent a preview of any important news and product developments directly to their desktops, as and when things happen.

The whole system can also be integrated with the new sales generator software which enables Solidor customers to have the Door Designer software integrated within their own websites and with it place orders through the cloud directly to Solidor in a paperless environment. When a consumer designs a door on a Solidor customer’s website they will be notified via e-mail, an automatic quote with the required margin is generated and then sent on a Solidor Recommended or Premium installer e-mailer template.

Gareth Mobley, managing director of Solidor Group comments: ‘Solidor Cloud is quite simply revolutionary from point of sale to manufacturing instruction and on to delivery. This is a true 21st Century way of implementing a paperless environment.’

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Now part of Masonite International Solidor is the Door Systems Division of DW3 Products Group. Solidor itself has become the go to brand for premium, solid core composite doors, with a reputation for true product innovation and unrivalled marketing.

Residor is the new mid-market GRP composite door and is the most secure of its type in the composite door sector. Like Solidor, it’s offered with the unrivalled3 Star Ultion cylinder as standard, with upgrade opportunities to Lock Lock. Completing the three-tier product strategy is Nicedor, offering quality door panels at a strong price point.

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