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A glaze of glory from frameXpress

For a project that required only the finest in terms of product quality and craftsmanship, frameXpress Ltd was the preferred window and door supplier for a commercial college project in Cambridgeshire. The restoration of a number of staff apartments which are part of a constituent college at the University of Cambridge, required tailored solutions to complete their transformation.

The immense renovation at Murray Edwards College, is the first phase of a restoration project which requires extensive consideration to be given to the original features of the building.

More than £25,000 has been invested in new windows, doors and French doors, which being in a conservation area, required Local Authority approval. Insulation and easy maintenance were pre-requisites stipulated by the frameXpress customer.

This year, the College celebrates 60 years of teaching, research and learning and is as proud of its surrounds and the creativity inherent in its architecture as it is its achievements of academic excellence.

Originally founded as New Hall in 1954, Murray College now boasts an excellent environment for study, with the desire to bring more women of outstanding potential to Cambridge. After a substantial redevelopment donation by a former student back in 2008, the College is gradually updating and renovating all areas.

As a supplier of premium products with a hard earned reputation for excellence, the quality guarantees were already known to the frameXpress customer who was responsible for this phase of the restoration.

The frameXpresss traditional range provided the ideal solution for a project that required meticulous attention to detail and a highly skilled team to achieve successful results. Every care was made to ensure that all component parts reflected the high standards associated with a Cambridge University College.

Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress Ltd comments, “The enormity of this project and the responsibility to effect a complete transformation that reflects the standards associated with Cambridge University, was huge and there was no room for error. Our range lends itself well to renovation projects such as this, which need to merge traditional appearances with modern, high performance requirements.”

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