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It’s All Black and White at Tradelink

It’s Black and White with Tradelink

After more than 9 months in development, Tradelink, world class manufacturer of one of the widest ranges of windows, doors, sealed units and conservatories in the UK, has installed a new barcode scanning system that is amongst the most comprehensive in the industry.

Tradelink’s Managing Director, Jim Moody explains: “We’re using the First Degree barcoding system as a basis, but have worked closely with the First Degree team for months to make sure we get all the benefits we need and perhaps as importantly, none of those we don’t! Sometimes barcoding systems can be overcomplicated and so take more time to use as well as invite human error – we wanted ours to give us the exact functionality we required – nothing more and nothing less. The benefit of this for Tradelink and therefore our customers is increased efficiency because our employees don’t need to sift through reams of information. The only data each employee will be able to access, is exactly what they need.

“The system gives us up to the minute information about our machinery and the people using it so we know exactly what is being produced at any moment in time. We can also identify any problems as soon as they happen to help keep production running smoothly. By moving more of our processing online the new system has also reduced our paper use massively, so is much more environmentally friendly.

“It was a complicated process to ensure the smooth integration of this new way of working, not least because we changed the entire infrastructure of our March facility. Designing the structure of the barcodes was also a complicated task because as well as Tradelink needing information from the barcode for both manufacturing and operational support purposes, our Stuga and Urban machines need to interrogate the barcode for cutting and welding purposes, for example.

“As a world class manufacturer, Tradelink is always looking for ways to continuously improve its products, service and manufacturing efficiencies and we are confident this comprehensive new barcoding system will do just that.”

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