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- Mike Crewdson -

Mike Credson and the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk

Mike Crewdson

Mike Crewdson, now there’s a name that for some of us conjures up many images, some of us relate to him as a friend, a colleague and also a stalwart of the industry.

For those that have never met him, they would have seen those Rupert Bear trousers prancing around Glassex.

Mike’s clear thinking even brought us the idea that if a PVC window suite can be delivered needing only 22 profiles to fabricate, maybe it should be called Profile 22.

Just a few years back, frighteningly that means 2005, Mike was behind the successful ‘Hug a beautiful woman (or three)’ – ‘Manchester Network Walk’ in aid of the ‘Hope House Children’s Hospice’. It was probably the first industry get-together for charity and let’s be honest, an organised pub-crawl. Facing driving rain, gales and numerous obstacles, an incredible 70 industry professionals struggled through no less than 9 pubs and bars whilst facing a number of extreme difficulties over the daunting 1½ mile trek around Manchester and raised £15,000 for the charity.

Mike has now set himself a more challenging goal, again in aid of charity, the Wainwright Coast to Coast Walk- all 192 miles from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay on the Yorkshire Coast. The challenge starts on 21st May going over spring Bank Holiday weekend.

Think of it, an 8 day trek, 192 miles, equivalent to 7½ marathons taking in some of the most glorious scenery in the country. Those of us that know Mike are at first thinking –‘yer-right’ – then follow up with if Mike can do it why not me.

The walk is in aid of the ‘St Ann's Hospice’ charity and the aim is sponsor-ship which is welcome. It takes £10,000 to fund the ‘St Ann's Hospice’ for a day and this is Mike’s target with everyone’s help.

Why not go one further, join Mike on the trek, or join for just one stage. Or as an alternative arrange your own team to do the trek as a relay. Most of all be surprised and reward yourself with this challenge.

The fenestration industry has shown itself time and time again as great in thinking of those less fortunate, while personally being uplifted by a rewarding challenge – make that one of your goals in 2014.

Your donations appreciated with thanks here www.justgiving.com/Mike-Crewdson

For more information or just to contact Mike email him at

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Mike Crewdson
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