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Latest trends within architectural glass and glazing revealed by Reynaers at Home

<br />Energy efficiency & big picture windows as the trends in residential housing<br />Energy efficiency & big picture windows as the trends in residential housing
Energy efficiency & big picture windows as the trends in residential housing

Energy efficiency & big picture windows as the trends in residential housing

Reynaers at Home conducted an in-depth survey involving hundreds of professionals to reveal architects’ thoughts on important aspects of their work, including trends in residential housing, design and major challenges.

Energy efficiency comes top

When asked what the most popular industry trend was in residential housing, almost 60% of architects surveyed stated energy efficiency as the leading design issue. Reynaers at Home has recognised energy efficiency as a top concern for architects and is setting a new standard in thermal performance with its latest products, meaning heat loss is kept to a minimum and the home is kept cosy and warm.

For example the company’s CS104 window and door system can achieve whole window U-values as low as 0.77 W/m2K, and its Hi-Finity sliding door offers floor-to-ceiling glass and Ud values as low as 1.3 W/m2K.

Reynaers at Home has a range of windows and doors that have been awarded the Swiss Minergie accreditation for low-energy homes.

Head of Reynaers at Home Hugh Moss said: “Our belief is that specifying our range of energy-saving products means that architects no longer need to be constrained by energy efficiency, leaving designers free to do what they do best – design innovative breathtaking homes.

“Other market research that we have conducted has shown that modern panoramic windows, and huge bifold and sliding patio doors, are at the top of thousands of British homeowners’ wish lists. Architects too have fallen in love with floor-to-ceiling glazing and we are witnessing massive demand in this area.”

Value for money

Reynaers at Home asked architects whether they felt that the UK was coming out of the recession, based on their level of business. A buoyant mood was reported, after 67% agreed with the statement.

Mr Moss added: “We’ve found that throughout the recession, consumers are still prepared to spend, but are being more selective. When spending their hard earned money, they are happy to pay more for a product that is well designed, carefully manufactured and installed by a company that understands the value of customer service.”

Size matters

Big picture windows were identified as ‘the one’ architectural feature that can really make a home come to life, according to 40% of UK architects. Additionally almost three-quarters of respondents agreed that most UK homes are missing out on space and light.

“New innovations are enabling the industry to use structural glazing technology to push all previous boundaries in terms of size. Combining minimal frames with a maximum height of 3.5m and individual door leafs weighing up to half a ton, our new Hi-Finity sliding doors are our biggest ever, allowing customers to create a virtual wall of glass giving wonderfully uninterrupted panoramic views,” said Mr Moss.

Inspired thinking

When it comes to finding inspiration, 46% of architects said that art and architecture books were the primary sources.

Mr Moss said: “Fashion trends and tastes develop over time in, and this is also true within the housing market. There are many homeowners who say they don’t like the appearance of uPVC windows and instead people want vast expanses of glass letting in maximum sunlight, narrow frames, no fanlights and as few mullions as possible.

“When deciding which windows and doors to choose, today’s homeowners are on the whole more knowledgeable than they were in the double glazing boom of the 1980s. This knowledge comes from experience – having bought cheap windows and doors once, people quickly learn that not all windows and doors are the same. The web also makes it possible to research the different products and companies and reveal the experiences of other consumers. All of this means that today’s householder is often more experienced and more educated, and is prepared to spend a bit more money to get a product that will be reliable.

“The main trend we have noticed is a huge shift towards big aluminium patio and bi-fold doors and large single insert windows with aluminium frames. While it’s true to say that aluminium’s share of the market remains modest at the moment, we sincerely believe that this will rapidly increase in the future.”

Reynaers at Home is a premium brand dedicated to offering the very best architectural glazing products and service to the discerning householder. For more information see the website www.reynaersathome.co.uk , email homeuk@reynaers.com or call 0121 421 9707.

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