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REHAU adds new Certass A* rating to thermal calculator

REHAU has added the CERTASS WER ratings scale to its award winning online thermal calculation tool at www.rehauanswers.com

This takes into account the two new bandings recently announced by CERTASS – A* at ≥ 10 points and A+ at ≥ 5 points.

Customers using the REHAU website to carry out calculations now automatically receive a WER calculation result showing both the BFRC and CERTASS scales and can choose to download and print a report for either scheme.

Dean Franklin, the REHAU Applications Engineer who is responsible for www.rehauanswers.com said: “Our thermal calculator is fully approved by CERTASS and is widely used by customers who are members of the TRR (Thermal Ratings Register) scheme so adding the A* was always going to be essential for us.

“It’s part of our continuous development work on www.rehauanswers.com and follows our achievement of an A+ licence from the BFRC for our REHAU TOTAL70 profiles in September 2013.

“We continue to advise customers to use the website to obtain the reports and labels they require for the windows they already manufacture, and also to use the quick check option to evaluate how different combinations of frame, glass and spacer bars could help them to achieve higher ratings more cost effectively.”

The free www.rehauanswers.com website was named Customer Care Initiative of the Year at this year’s G13 awards. It is hugely popular with REHAU customers, regularly receiving more than 1000 visits per month during 2013 across its thermal calculator and CE marking tools.

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