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Luxury at its best from frameXpress

A London penthouse apartment was the latest project to incorporate the benefits of the frameXpress range in a contract worth in excess of £35,000. The state of the art facility has been designed with meticulous attention to detail from its concept through to final installation.

The high specification installation in Central London included a number of aluminium doors, patio doors and rooflights which required excellent thermal insulation guarantees. Security was also a vital aspect for the luxury rooftop apartment.

Renewal projects continue to play an increasingly important role in the frameXpress portfolio. Urban regeneration is increasing and as such, this latest project required the team to meet the exacting standards of the architects and town planners.

With demand for the company’s products and services increasing steadily, it is evident more businesses are turning to frameXpress because of the exceptionally high product quality and breadth of choice available.

frameXpress continues to forge a strong presence as a supplier for the urban restoration sector with the company making substantial headway over the last couple of years after the introduction of aluminium into the product range .

frameXpress maintains a very positive and progressive approach to the commercial sector with customer satisfaction remaining top priority.

The frameXpress team considers that aluminium offers a unique combination of attractive properties for installers. Being low in weight it gives high strength and excellent resistance to corrosion, whilst offering outstanding environmental benefits including exceptional thermal and electrical conductivity. Additionally it does not become brittle in low temperatures but instead grows stronger.

The frameXpress range of aluminium windows and doors including bi-folds is extensive and comes in a broad range of beautiful colours that are available in a variety of slim, durable finishes, which is making it a popular choice with the company’s customers for commercial and high living projects.

The penthouse apartment is the very latest in modern architecture and the company had to ensure that aesthetics, performance and product durability would meet the tough standards of the architect’s specifications. Being in a sought after location in London meant that excellent soundproofing and thermal efficiency was required throughout.

Ian Davis, Sales Manager comments, “Aluminium windows and doors are so strong and they offer the installer many benefits including a high protection factor and exceptional long lasting quality.

“For modern projects and regeneration installations, aluminium makes a great choice particularly as it brings a unique overall appearance for contemporary properties. Furthermore when looking at the domestic market aluminium is proving popular due to the dynamism it brings to new build projects. Once again the superior qualities associated with frameXpress have been reinforced in a stunning finished installation.”

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frameXpress is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with an established reputation for excellence across the industry. With a broad product portfolio that includes the most modern pvc-u and aluminium systems as well as Composite Doors and the Guardian Roofing system,customers have confidence in the entire portfolio.

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