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Motorlink launches community website

The MotorLink website is a one-stop-shop for architects, consultants, specifiers and installers.

A new website has been launched to provide a ‘community base' for users of MotorLink™ digital communications technology for window control systems.

The new website (www.motorlink.org) is the home of the MotorLink™ community, a group of companies which believes in setting a standard for intelligent window control based on open, interoperable communication standards. It provides a one-stop-shop for architects, consultants, specifiers and installers where they can find all the information they need on solutions for indoor comfort and smoke ventilation in just a few clicks of a mouse.

The community is made up of controls companies, window companies, installers, architects and consultants who all share in the vision and belief that having a common open standard will help to drive the building controls industry to the next level.

MotorLink™ is a state of the art digital data communication technology which provides improved control and functionality where automated windows and natural ventilation are part of a building management system (BMS).

MotorLink™ offers precise and accurate control. Because it operates within open standards its operation does not require expensive dedicated software systems. The versatile range of functionality of the MotorLink™ system also means that BMS suppliers and façade companies can deliver robust, flexible control solutions tailored to specific project requirements.

MotorLink™ features precise position control, three-speed actuator operation, synchronisation between multiple actuators on the same window and reduced risk of entrapment. Other features include a reversing function, which protects the weather seals around the window, fault indication and online set-up.

Millimetre-by-millimetre control enables an optimal indoor climate to be obtained whatever the weather or the season. Two-way communication between the MotorLinkTM window actuators and the MotorLink™ MotorController enables the BMS to accurately position the windows. The actual position of a window is logged and stored in a secure memory within the electronics of each MotorLink™ enabled actuator. Position information is therefore retained even in the event of power loss.

Neil Pepper, sales director for Smoke Control Solutions Limited, a MotorLinkTM partner and installer, says: "Natural ventilation and smoke ventilation has moved to the forefront of building design in recent years with the increasing focus on energy consumption and sustainability. As a result, demand for automated and intelligent facades has grown.

"The MotorLink™ community exists to actively promote the use of open technology to create a standard automated window control system suitable for any type of building and any type of application for natural ventilation and for smoke ventilation.

"By working with the MotorLink™ design teams, contractors and the supply chain will be in a unique position to help developers save money. There is no better way to secure a budget than by choosing trusted solutions based on international standards. By using actuators and MotorControllers with MotorLink™ technology no additional dedicated software development is required - simply set up some parameters online to interface with KNX, BACnet, LON or Modbus to reduce commissioning times and costs."


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