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Capstone colour plant comes online

Macclesfield-based Capstone Doors Ltd has introduced a new water-based paint finish for its increasingly popular GRP Composite door after almost a year of development.

The company made the announcement following the completion of an exhaustive development and testing programme that has spanned more than 11 months. The result is that Capstone can now offer its full range of doors in any colour and in any level of gloss. RAL colours form the basis of Capstone’s standard range but other colours can be provided, including those defined under British Standards.

Exceptional paint finishes are achieved using a 3-part system which incorporates a primer to provide adhesion, top coat for the deep colour and a finishing coat that provides superb durability. Gloss levels can be provided between 30% and 60% with the finish guaranteed for 10 years (subject to the normal conditions). The water based system is available for unfinished doors within the range, however Capstone also provides a solvent based paint solution for prefinished doors. A range of stain finishes should also be available by the end of 2013.

The system installed is the result of a partnership between a leading international paint specialist, together with their colleagues in Sweden, and Capstone’s Jason Higgins, a specialist in the implementation of paint and finishing systems.

The paints are applied using Capstone’s custom-made line using Wagner technology, finished in a bespoke air-drying oven. The system combined with the paints combine to produce a superb finish with the key additional benefits of being environmentally friendly and safer to use.

Capstone’s Mike Roe says the system offers installers some great opportunities. “Installers can be very creative by offering their customers a match for the rest of their décor and a deep, lustrous finish that has real draw. The quality speaks for itself, which was a key factor in Capstone’s investment in this line. “

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