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Choosing the right supplier is an important decision for any installer. Finding one that can offer the right products, price, service and support is not always easy, and of course a supplier that’s ideal for one customer may not be right for another.

All installers of course have their own individual needs so there is no definitive right or wrong answer, but according to Byron Field, trade sales manager of Roseview Windows, the answer is clear when it comes to buying-in one product in particular – uPVC vertical sliding sash windows.

“There are obvious advantages of sourcing all your products from a multi-product fabricator, not least the convenience, but when it comes to buying in a specialist item such as a uPVC vertical sliding sash window, it is much safer and far more beneficial to source from a specialist. Vertical sliding sash windows are very complex to manufacture, and it is very difficult for a multi-product fabricator to give each and every window the care and attention it needs during every stage of the fabrication process. Because Roseview only manufacture this style of window, we are able to focus our efforts and offer better quality more consistently.”

Established in 1977, Roseview Windows has been manufacturing uPVC vertical sliding sash windows since 1985, longer than any company in the industry. Their vast experience in the sector means they can help installers unfamiliar with sash windows successfully enter the market.

“We offer full installation training and a range of marketing tools to help our customers win more sales” Byron explains. “We can also guide installers through the potentially tricky ordering process. Ordering a sash window isn’t rocket science, but if your supplier doesn’t understand doesn’t understand the intricate details of the product, errors are inevitable. We process sash window quotes everyday so are able to support installers unfamiliar with the product. In fact, we have a New Business Division headed up by managing director Willie Kerr dedicated to this process. Willie and his team will walk new customers through their first few orders before they are confident enough to be passed over to our sales team who look after the regular customers.”

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Roseview Windows

Roseview Windows are specialist manufacturers of uPVC sash windows.

Their product range comprises three models – Charisma Rose, Heritage Rose and Ultimate Rose – which together make up The Rose Collection. All have been designed to replicate timber sash window aesthetics while offering low maintenance and the enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation and security benefits of modern materials and manufacturing techniques.

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