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Elumatec SBZ 615 Fits In New Factory

As part of an overall expansion programme for S Notaro Ltd (a leading manufacturer of doors, windows and conservatories), which saw them move into larger premises in Somerset back in Novemeber, the family owned company wanted to increase its productivity capacity of its operations and Elumatec provided the perfect solution with the installation of its SBZ 615 profile cutting centre.

As Elumatec double mitred saws and various routers were already being used in the existing factory, it seemed obvious to upgrade to the SBZ 615 centre. “We began production on the SBZ 615 in January of this year,” comments factory manager, Tony De Sena. “In the short time that it has been operational, we have discovered its value in terms of both speed and precision.”

The SBZ 615 is capable of producing over 800 units per week and currently, S Notaro is working to an output of over 200 a week. The company prides itself on the quality of its PVCu components, producing windows, doors, conservatories, double glazed units and leaded lights, all to the customers individual specifications. “It was essential that the profiling centre offered the standard of quality for which we are renowned with our customers,” continues Mr De Sena. “In the case of the SBZ 615, the speed of the machine did not compromise quality and we are able to deliver this quality throughout our product range.”

S Notaro Ltd is part of the S Notaro Holdings Group and serves the retail and domestic market with its range of products. Being a building firm in addition, the installation of the SBZ 615 has enabled the company to offer a unique service to the market, with all units fabricated quickly and accurately in the new factory ready for delivery to the customer.

As world market leaders in the production of profile machine centres and a huge range of equipment for the fabrication industry, Elumatec produces a solution for any application using the latest technology and state of the art production facilities to serve the needs of the industry.

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Elumatec is a family owned company established in 1928 with headquarters in the city of Mühlacker-Lomersheim in the Southwestern region of Germany. It has subsidiaries and agents in more than 40 countries around the world with a total of 620 employees. Information in the form of PDF files on the full range of Elumatec products, including saws, profile centres, milling machines and assembly equipment, can be found on the company’s website www.elumatec.com .

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