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Vista and Greater Manchester Police

Much has been said and many claims made over the strength or otherwise of composite doors. Indeed, there’s one company claiming that a GRP composite door collapses in a shower of polyurethane foam with a few good knocks with a police issue ‘Enforcer’. Well, it’s certainly not the case with Distinction’s Nan Ya GRP composite door. Vista Panels’ managing Director, Keith Sadler takes up the story: “There is an issue with the Distinction’s door blank but it’s about the difficulty the police have in gaining access to premises using the door. If you saw Greater Manchester Police’s finest attacking it with an Enforcer, you’d understand the problem!” Vista Panels has been working with Greater Manchester Police, supplying them with doorsets, so their teams can practice gaining entry to premises with GRP composite doors. “While it’s not pleasant seeing a quality doorset being attacked in this way, we’re well aware of the need for the police to find a way to defeat the door’s integrity and we’re very happy to work with them and supply doorsets for them to practice on.” Keith , together with Distinction’s Chris Champion, was invited to view a practice session at GMP’s test area and to help the teams understand the door construction and how the police can gain entry in the quickest possible way. “I believe our input has been helpful to the Greater Manchester Police and we are happy to continue supplying doorsets for their practice sessions. Needless to say, the public can be confident that their Vista’s doorset, featuring Distinction’s door blank, is very secure and gaining entry is both noisy and requires specialist tools, making it difficult for the opportunist burglar.”

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