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Gtrak3 Online Glass Ordering launched by Jotika Software

Jotika has launched its new Online Ordering Software for insulated glass unit suppliers, safety glass suppliers and glaziers. This user friendly service can be offered to your customers or used internally by your emergency glazing team, so that orders can be placed directly online from anywhere using a PC, laptop or tablet.

Integrated with Jotika’s Gtrak3 Sales Order Processing (SOP) suite, web orders can be imported directly into Gtrak3 without any keying in required. Otherwise an auto completed order form can be generated and emailed to the supplier, with the option for copies to be sent to the customer for their own records.

Using Gtrak3 Online Glass Ordering supplier’s can put the power into the customer’s hands and let them manage their own orders online, with an easy to use order search and history viewer. The supplier has the opportunity to update their customer’s order status online, so they know when an order has been received and processed for manufacture.

The service is completely flexible, as the supplier can choose which customers get to use the service and easily configure a new secure login user name and password from the admin control panel.

The service includes an easy to remember website address such as yourname.glassorder.co.uk, which can be accessed directly or via a link on the supplier’s existing website. The end user’s or customer’s order panel is also branded with the supplier’s logo and slogan, which can easily be updated using the admin control panel.

This is also great for internal company use, to allow 24 hour emergency glazing teams to place orders from a tablet or laptop whilst onsite using 3G or 4G technology. If integrated with Gtrak3 SOP suite the orders can be imported directly into the order database and instantly ready for manufacture. Otherwise an auto populated emergency glazing form can be sent directly to the sales office for processing the next day.

Brian Gold, the Marketing Director of Jotika Software says “We developed a remote ordering system over 10 years ago called Gmail (should have trade marked it we know) but this was way ahead of its time and did not take off. Times have now changed and with the web being so widely used, we felt it was the time to try it again. The Gtrak3 Online Ordering System has been developed in house so we have full control over the developments. There are already plans to expand this into a full online SOP suite with our OptimiserX 1D and 2D optimisation embedded.

Placing the orders is very simple and is optimised to make sure the customer is not spending hours placing orders, rather it is a convenient way for them to take control of their own orders, with traceability and most importantly feedback from the supplier. Not to mention faster turn around on delivery. It is an excellent way for the supplier to show that they are prepared to invest in their customer in order to provide a better vehicle to place orders - it requires less paperwork, is more convenient as it is mobile and improves relationships with customers.”

A live online demonstration is available on request. To speak with a representative about the Online Ordering System or to know more about Jotika and our other range of software products and web development services, please contact visit our website at www.jotika.com .

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