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Kestrel launches new video for cellular sliding installation

An unprecedented response in the US for Kestrel’s new cellular siding product has prompted the company to introduce a new installation video.

Kestrel, the leading UK-based PVC and PVC-UE building products manufacturer, has been making greater inroads into the American market.The company has since been inundated with technical queries about the installation of its cellular siding and has responded with the introduction of a step by step video that looks at the process from start to finish and includes how to insulate the building as well.

As well as cellular siding, Kestrel is already successfully supplying cellular vinyl plantation shutter components into the US market through a key distributor, based in Florida, selling into key US states such as Florida, Texas, New York, California and Illinois.

Kestrel has also come up with a new corner post detail, which according to Marketing Director Simon Reynolds, gives the company a world-leading system of siding.

He said: “We have been pleased to see the response in the US and hope to build on this early success with the kind of technical support our customers have come to expect from Kestrel in the UK.”Their cellular siding system, which is targeted at the renovation, remodeling and new construction markets, is a cumination of a three-year Kestrel project to develop this important US market.

In the US cellular products have seen a substantial increase in sales over the last seven years, reflected in the level of interest that Kestrel’s new product has already generated.

Kestrel has launched a website www.cellularsiding.com with details of the products available including the new installation video.

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