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Solidor’s Winkhaus debut

Solidor have pulled off yet another industry first for the composite door sector with the introduction of the Winkhaus AV2 Heritage Door Lock. This new lock satisfies the need for traditional looking rim latches on composite doors, yet with the benefit of high security, multipoint locking.

The composite door market is full of designs attempting to replicate traditional timber doors in terms of designs and colours, with Solidor’s own product widely regarded as the best in terms of finish and performance, thanks to a range of 15 foiled finishes inside and out. Now the industry pioneer has introduced the Winkhaus AV2 Heritage Door Lock to help make their products replicate timber doors, but with added security. The AV2 is seen as an upgrade from the old key wind up and traditional rim lock previously used at Solidor.

Up until now, modern multi-point locking systems haven’t lent themselves to doors that feature pull door furniture, particularly Georgian and Edwardian period doors and it has been a topic of discussion for the composite door sector. The AV2 Heritage Locking System has the euro profile locking cylinder at a similar height to a traditional round cylinder and the lock is operated automatically as soon as the door is closed.

This key feature means that an external lever handle is not required to operate the locking points and the lock can be deadlocked or opened externally by turning the key a quarter of a turn. From the inside the door can be opened by an internal thumb turn, again with a quarter turn. The door is automatically locked when closed from the inside and the key is then required to gain entry from the outside. The AV2 has been engineered and manufactured in Germany as a quality product and is Police Secured by Design, PAS23/24 and VdS accredited.

Gareth Mobley, managing director of Solidor Group comments: “Yet again we’ve launched another industry first and the AV2 Heritage Lock will sit alongside our exclusive Avantis lock and other security solutions. We believe that we are the envy of our competitors given our USP’s, largest product range and we’re keen to add to the list further!”

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Now part of Masonite International Solidor is the Door Systems Division of DW3 Products Group. Solidor itself has become the go to brand for premium, solid core composite doors, with a reputation for true product innovation and unrivalled marketing.

Residor is the new mid-market GRP composite door and is the most secure of its type in the composite door sector. Like Solidor, it’s offered with the unrivalled3 Star Ultion cylinder as standard, with upgrade opportunities to Lock Lock. Completing the three-tier product strategy is Nicedor, offering quality door panels at a strong price point.

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