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A UK steel glazing company has brought together videos of its systems being tested against a lorry bomb, car bomb and ballistic attack and posted them on YouTube.

Wrightstyle supplies its steel glazing systems for projects worldwide, and which are designed to mitigate against the full array of natural and man-made threats – including also fire and the severe wind loading associated with a hurricane or typhoon.

Wrightstyle systems have been tested to EU and Asia-Pacific standards, and the YouTube channel also shows a Wrightstyle glazed system being subjected to the infamous hose stream test – a requirement for fire safety accreditation in the USA.

A Wrightstyle glazing system being tested against a lorry bomb

The independent car and lorry bomb tests were carried out inside a high-security RAF base in the north of England and, for the lorry bomb, involved 500kg of TNT-equivalent explosive – underlining the huge tensile advances that steel glazing systems have made in the past few years.

In the USA, Wrightstyle supplies its systems in partnership with Hope’s Windows, Inc. (Jamestown NY), the USA’s leading manufacturer of steel and bronze glazing systems.


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Wrightstyle designs, manufacturers and fabricates a range of external and internal steel glazing systems to mitigate against fire, high wind loading, bomb blast or ballistic attack and its products and systems can be found internationally. Wrightstyle also recently completed projects for the London Olympics.

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