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Tuesday the 13th saw another big leap for the FiT Show. Been there done that was the previous experience, even exasperation with Trade Exhibitions. The feeling, if not the attitude, was do we need to go, especially as the more productive alternative - staying away - meant earning money and advancing the well-being of a business.

What happened on Tuesday was an event that has already caught the imagination of the Industry by breaking even more new ground. That of an Exhibition organiser taking an interest in its customers - the exhibitors - and providing them with directions (Exhibitor Briefing) that will enable them to extract more of their aims from the exhibition. Matthew and Paul have to be applauded for the work and effort they have already invested in this show.

The mainstay of Tuesday's presentation came from the live wire that is Austen Hawkins with his modern take on the John Cleese training video 'How Not To Exhibit Yourself' . Not seen the video? - shame on you. If you have seen it, do you really, that is really remember it all. Austen succinctly reminded us of the many things we knew but have to a certain extent filed away in our subconscious and forgotten.

Passing on the whole picture of the briefing is hampered by the limiting factor of space in this snapshot world where digesting sound bites is the natural order. It would take a book to rationally translate all the meaningful tips and pointers that came out of the FiT Show Exhibitor Briefing. However, there was a clear indication of how this get-together was going in that the room felt 'comfortable', it felt alive and as you looked around all you could see was success.

How do Exhibitors ensure success? As a sound bite, it is about aims and objectives. It's remembering the whole point is to sell and remembering that in the first instance you have to be able to engage a prospect so as to get the opportunity to sell. Only open and never closed questions should be ingrained into any one working the stand. To sell is not about the company, it is not about the product - it is about the benefit the customer gets from the purchase. In this instance there is an extra challenge, the customer is not the people that visit the exhibition stand, it's the people that ultimately live with the installed product every day - i.e. The trade exhibition visitor's customer. Any company that doesn't understand all the above should never go near exhibitions. Any company that hasn't ensured that everyone from their organisation that is ever likely to be on their exhibition stand fully understands that, shouldn't in turn be wasting their money turning up.

The opportunity the FiT Show Exhibitor Briefing has given everyone that attended is the pointers, the ideas, the right to expose themselves to success. Also asking those clear questions that the listener wanting to hear can find the answers to.

As repeated time and time again at the FiT Show Exhibitor Briefing there are 3 pointers to a good show , they are benefits, benefits and benefits. In this situation the benefit, the only message with meaning, is the one that targets the user of the product, everything else is just ego, huff and puff, meaningless drivel, wasted effort and money.

Everyone that attended the FiT Events Exhibitor Briefing is assured of exceptionally good results from the FiT Show. Especially those that heard the question and understood how it could be answered.

As a consequence come 16-18 April 2013 the visitors, the all important visitor, those that join the 'I'm going' crowd can be expected to be equally rewarded and come away armed with the tools to enhance their own business.

Fenestration News readers can gain access to the thinking behind the Austen Hawkins session at the links below. Clearly not the same impact as a real live presentation but it outlines the ground to be covered on route to success. Please do not hesitate to contact Austen if you are interested in boosting your results.

Austen Hawkins
Call - 01442 285 809
Email - info@f2fevents.co.uk
Web - www.f2fevents.co.uk & www.facetime.org.uk

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