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From cores to candleholders!

Often companies are tempted to boast their environmental credentials without little evidence, yet Solidor’s own ‘Green Promise’ is already apparent with the production of bowls, candleholders, briquettes and pallets from recycled off-cuts.

While most GRP-based composite doors cannot be readily recycled due to the use of foam within the door slab, Solidor’s unique solid timber core is more of a unique proposition. These door slabs are solid and soured from fully sustainable sources, while the door skins, edgebanding, glazing cassettes and Kömmerling door frames are lead-free.

Solidor’s approach to the environment is refreshingly honest and the company shares resources with sister brand, Nice Door Panels and also utilises a 100% recycled and thermally efficient reinforcing system in their second generation composite door. It’s also important to note in an age where many products are sourced from the Far East, composite door slabs included, that the Solidor product is fully manufactured in the UK.

Gareth Mobley, managing director of the Solidor Group comments: “Not only are we focused on product development and a commitment to customer service, but we believe that our environmental credentials have to be rigorous. We’ve proven that and are happy to boast that both our doors and off-cuts are solid to the core!”

For a free copy of Solidor’s latest 44 page brochure which includes details on their ‘Green Promise’ call 01782 847300, e-mail enquiries@solidor.co.uk or download it from www.solidor.co.uk.

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Now part of Masonite International Solidor is the Door Systems Division of DW3 Products Group. Solidor itself has become the go to brand for premium, solid core composite doors, with a reputation for true product innovation and unrivalled marketing.

Residor is the new mid-market GRP composite door and is the most secure of its type in the composite door sector. Like Solidor, it’s offered with the unrivalled3 Star Ultion cylinder as standard, with upgrade opportunities to Lock Lock. Completing the three-tier product strategy is Nicedor, offering quality door panels at a strong price point.

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