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Latest generation of air compressors offer outstanding flexibility and lowest noise levels

An innovative new design of advanced rotary screw compressor from FPS is claimed to represent a new bench mark in modern compressor technology, with the lowest noise levels currently available, exceptional flexibility and high operational efficiency. Manufactured by FINI, one of Europe's most respected compressor manufacturers, the new VISION Series is claimed to offer a number of user benefits for the glass and glazing industry.

The Vision Series is not only claimed to be the quietest of its type available, but uniquely, the modular design can be selected in almost any format required by the user. Specifications, based on standard floor mounted or air receiver mounted versions, allow either to be supplied with fully integrated air treatment facilities - including refrigerated dryer, separator and oil removing filters - to provide dry and clean compressed air.

Unlike other systems, these compressors were designed from the beginning to be fully integrated and modular, which means that they can be delivered as a complete pre-installed working system that is ready for immediate use with maximum user convenience. They are available in any configuration from 7.5 kW to 22 kW, including ‘SpeedTronic' variable speed versions. They also feature advanced electronic controls as standard, providing timer, multi machine control, diagnostics for all components and the ability to separately control the dryer and other peripherals.

Acknowledging that noise in the work place is a major concern for most applications, the new Series also offers the lowest operating noise levels yet for a machine at this power rating. Benefitting from very low operating speeds, the use of centrifugal cooling fans and the use of new acoustic materials, Vision compressors operate at unprecedentedly low noise levels - which for the 11 kW version is in the region of 60 dB(A). This ensures not only a quieter, more efficient operation, but also reduces installation costs because the compressor can be installed directly in the work place.

A further advanced feature of the Vision Series is the use of a leading edge synthetic lubricant called RotEnergy, which is included as standard. This high performance specially formulated lubricant provides exceptional protection, with reduced friction and better separation resulting in further energy savings, reduced maintenance and increased service life.

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