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Happy ending for Conservatory Outlet

Clearview Home Improvements, Warrington

July marked both the conclusion of the Conservatory Outlet Retail Sales Training programme and Conservatory Outlet Dealer Clearview Home Improvements’ record month for sales, with the Lancashire and Cheshire installer bringing in more than double that of the same month in 2011. Unsurprisingly Clearview’s sales team were also dominant in Conservatory Outlet’s monthly ‘Top Dog’ sales competition in July, winning two of the four awards attainable and, at the time of writing, occupying five of the top ten spots in the Year-To-Date League Table. One of these men – Warrington-based John Newton – set a new Top Dog record with his sales in July by becoming the first person in the history of the competition to go above £300k in one month.

Clearview Home Improvements’ entire sales force attended the seven day course which was run by industry-specific sales trainer Paul Clifton. Clearview in fact hosted the sessions for Conservatory Outlet dealers in the North West and Scotland at its Warrington Showroom - one of three Clearview showrooms across Lancashire and Cheshire.

Over the course of the training Clearview enjoyed four consecutive months during which it recorded sales in excess of £1m, picking up ten Top Dog awards in the process, followed by the company’s record month in July. Managing Director, John Beaty, believes that the retail sales training has played an important part in Clearview’s recent success:

‘Particularly towards the end of the sales training we really did start to see an improvement in conversion rates across the board. Of course there were other contributing factors but I’m in no doubt whatsoever that the training has had a very positive impact on our sales team and helped us to achieve our record month in July.’

Sample windows were also supplied by Conservatory Outlet to those who attended the course, as recommended by Paul Clifton who sold on the frontline for over 10 years, achieving an 82% sit-to-sale conversion rate during this time. He consequently went on to set up his own training and consultancy business and is also the author of ‘What Master Salesmen Know That Average Salesmen Don’t!’

The training programme was funded by Conservatory Outlet and was run in both the Midlands and South East of England, as well as the North West, such is the geographical spread of the Conservatory Outlet Network of Dealers.

Greg Kane, Conservatory Outlet Sales Director, concluded: ‘The retail sales training has been nothing short of a huge success and has served as a perfect complement to the lead generation support that we have long provided for the Conservatory Outlet Network of Dealers.’

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