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New Thermix TX.N spacer bar

With the UK in the midst of an ‘arctic snap’ of cold air pressure leading to adverse weather and coupled with rising energy prices, now more than ever homeowners are looking for ways to save energy costs not through the gas or electricity company they sign up with, but with the type of windows they choose.

Now more than ever ‘warm edge’ technology is being seen as an affordable way of saving pounds on energy bills.

Thermoseal Group Ltd is pleased to announce that it is the premier supplier of Thermix’s new ‘warm-edge’ insulating spacer bar in the UK.

Thermix TX.N bar is the latest offering from its German manufacturers Ensinger.

TX.N Spacer Bar incorporates Thermix’s award winning ‘warm edge’ technology which has been proven to reduce heat loss from the unit.

The new bar is designed with the stainless steel moisture barrier now located on the outer edge of the insulating plastic bar as opposed to being encased within the plastic.

This revolutionary design further enhances the thermal efficiency properties of the bar as the outer steel creates a barrier preventing moisture from entering the spacer bar and condensation from forming within the sealed unit.

Industry wide testing, has found TX.N to perform extremely well in heat loss tests in terms of its Psi-value. This value represents how well a product does at not only reducing heat lost from the outer edge of a window but also how well it does at allowing energy from outside the unit to enter the room. Both these factors are taken into account when considering the thermal efficiency of heat conserving IG products. Thermix TX.N performed exceptionally in both these departments, not only with regards to test house regulations but also in comparison with its main competitors.

Not only are the new TX.N bars unique in their design and conception, they still remain practical for use in all standard insulating glass products regardless of whether straight edged or bent corner frames are used.

Thermoseal supplies the TX.N bar in light grey, white and black as standard but unlike many other ‘warm edge’ spacer bars, Ensinger can produce requested colours like yellow, blue and green etc.

Many different profile widths are available from Thermoseal which include 12mm, 14mm, 16mm 18mm and 20mm. Specially designed corner keys and straight connectors to accompany the TX.N bar are also readily available.

For more information regarding the thermal efficiency of Thermix’s new TX.N bar please contact Sales Director Mark Hickox on 0121 331 3950 or visit www.thermix.de

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Thermoseal Group now has its own Innovation Centre dedicated to developing and testing high quality thermally efficient and IG manufacturer-focused products. It is the only UK IG component supplier with its own EN1279 testing facility.

As a member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and Bundesverband Flachglas (BF), Thermoseal Group is dedicated to helping to improving standards and helping to shape the future of the insulated glass industry.

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