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FrameXpress firmly closes the stable door

The coloured foils and wide product choice available from the frameXpress range were pivotal to winning a new contract for the leading window, door and conservatory fabricator, worth in excess of £9.000. The Chartwell Green colour option was the preferred colour foil of choice for one Essex based couple.

The renovation project had to be specifically tailored in the Chartwell Green foil with all windows and doors matching to meet the homeowners’ requirements. They were very specific about colour choice, wishing to maintain an authentic match to suit the style and the age of the property. This had to be reflected throughout and included not only all windows but also both a front door and stable door which both needed to be manufactured in their chosen colour.

The new Fuhr lock with thumbturn bolt security provided added security reassurance on the stable door. Additionally, this new locking system which reduces the amount of hardware required to secure the stable door, made it the ideal choice for Mr and Mrs Dennis who were concerned about too many locks having to be incorporated but who still wanted the feeling of security.

The property has been substantially improved with better soundproofing and a considerable reduction in energy bills since the installation thanks to the thermally efficient FS70 mm units and doors from the frameXpress range. Additionally the value of the property has increased which the homeowners consider a solid investment.

FrameXpress has a well established reputation as a quality manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with a broad colour range of up to 16 foils. This provides customers with more options to incentivise the consumer. In the current climate this is proving a popular option with homeowners who are looking to blend styles as well as to add value to their existing homes.

As a company that has a proven track record for providing exemplary standards in respect of products and after sales care the coloured foils can be delivered within a 3 week lead time being available in either smooth or grained finishes. The broad colour portfolio consists of 16 foils including Chartwell Green, Dark Red and Slate Grey as well as two woodgrain finishes.

Ian Davis, Sales Manager at frameXpress comments, “It is very reassuring when we see satisfied customers. This proves that our commitment to provide the best, most advanced products brings positive results. As climate change, energy efficiency and consumer demand dominate the industry, we believe that it is essential to offer a broad spectrum of colours to match individual homeowners personal styles.

He concludes, “Given our established record we can offer our customers the individual, unique support they need as consumer demand increases.”

For more information on the product range available from frameXpress please call 01952 581100 or visit the website www.frameXpress.co.uk

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frameXpress is a leading manufacturer of windows, doors and conservatories with an established reputation for excellence across the industry. With a broad product portfolio that includes the most modern pvc-u and aluminium systems as well as Composite Doors and the Guardian Roofing system,customers have confidence in the entire portfolio.

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