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Hurst Plastics supports KMS Facilities Group latest technology venture

When FDMA (Fire Door Maintenance & Audit) Limited, a division of facility management organisation KMS Facilities Group, decided to venture into a new concept of inspecting and maintaining their customers entrance doors, they called on the services of leading UK composite doorset manufacturer Hurst Plastics.

Hull-based Hurst Plastics hold a large selection of fire resistant and standard composite doorsets, offering the required standard performances to meet ‘U’ value, security and weather specifications. The doorsets are produced to customer’s individual requirements without compromising on lead-times. FDMA Limited identified these elements has a crucial ingredient to help them introduce their new ‘QR (Quick Response) code’ facility.

Ashley Palmer, Operations Director for FDMA Limited explains, ‘QR Code or Quick Response Code’ is a two-dimensional matrix type barcoding, initially designed for the automotive industry. The coding is made up of black modules and has become increasingly popular to outside industries due to its fast readability, real time web enablement and large storage capacity compared to other barcoding systems.

“FDMA Limited offers on-site maintenance, call-out and inspection services for our customers and their tenants, ensuring they comply with the legal obligations under the ‘Fire Reform Order 2005’. Hurst Plastics were able to advise and implement the coding system on every doorset we install, allowing us to identify quickly and give real-time information of our visits”, added Ashley.

Nick Harrison, Commercial Sales Manager for Hurst Plastics commented, “We worked with several of KMS Facilities Group companies including, FDMA and KMS Computek to help incorporate the coding. The new technology means every composite doorset supplied to FDMA has its own unique coding and is specific to the property it is being installed into.

Nick continues, “Using the coding system offers their customers, largely social housing, Local Authority and commercial sectors, the ability to receive instant data of the servicing, maintenance or repair of a site fitted door.”

‘QR (Quick Response) Coding’ allows the transfer of data automatically via a hand held device (normally a smart phone), directly to a customer’s central database and holds key information regarding individual components. Information took from the door on an initial visit ensures the repair is completed first time, every time. The repair itself is logged and recorded to provide a full transparent and auditable trail for the customer, leaving no discrepancies or delay in repair of the door.

To find out more information on FDMA’s unique ‘QR Code’ system contact Ashley Palmer, Operations Director, 0845 413 7674 and for further information on how to create a solution for your composite door needs call Hurst Plastics, Marketing department on 01482 790790.

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