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The Fenestration News has been a dedicated news website since 2004, delivering on a daily basis all the latest events, ideas and information from in and around the Fenestration Industry.

The Internet is the perfect tool for not only finding what is current, but as a way of accessing past events and the information often needed to form future opinions and direction. The Internet of course, in the jargon, is a 24/7/365 operation. The Fenestration News fits in with this criterion perfectly with all its news items being updated on a daily basis.

The web site activity for the 12 months ending January 2020 shows '3,409,015' *items viewed

Individual page views can be seen on thenews listing page, under the 'info' link. These are limited to just the last 12 months

The Fenestration News gives all users access to the contact details of 11904* companies . These contact details are primarily maintained by the companies themselves and can be updated as and when required.

The news release database has 23990* items available for easy access.

Currently the email database has 14327* members.

As a delivery platform the Fenestration News is an effective delivery platform to get Companies message across.

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  • Fabricators and Installers of windows, doors or conservatories 49.4%
  • Suppliers 14%
  • Installers of windows, doors or conservatories 7.9%
  • Product specifier 4.65%
  • Glass processing 9.3%
  • Unspecified 14.75 the Fenestration News »

*this is live data as of the 04/06/2020.

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All news items, serious and sometimes frivolous, are accepted. There are no inclusion fees (sometimes called colour separation charges).

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Advertising: The Fenestration News taps in perfectly with the nature of the Internet's 24/7/365 availability. We recognise that the greater majority of those developing a business in this industry are hard at work all hours of the day, and what others call down time our industry uses for planning their next strategic step. Likewise, those with a message to get out, need to deliver it when their prospective customer is receptive to receiving it, this is where the Fenestration News ticks all the right boxes.

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This is a free service and is seen by us as a community communication tool. Advertisements can run for as long as required and can be for any position within the Fenestration Industry.

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