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Optimum Guarantees from HEGLA With The Rapidstore

Increasing efficiency and output during the current ‘uncertain’ business climate will be a priority for manufacturers, with many companies carefully considering the impact of many things on their business - not least Brexit and coping strategies with the continual impact of the coronavirus.

HEGLA regularly evaluates the changing market and adapts to the needs of processors accordingly, with the team focused on providing complete, tailored solutions and support. With more glass coatings being used today, and different types of specialist glass now required for commercial and domestic projects, being able to supply a variety of glazing options is essential.

Greater Growth Potential

The Rapidstore, as an automated storage system, simplifies manufacturing methods and gives business owners greater capacity.

For many companies one of the biggest issues during production is being able to supply multiple glass types to the cutting table. The Rapidstore, together with a standard double sided loader, ensures glass can be held in bulk. For example, 4mm float and soft coat in the double sided loader, as well as slower glass types and patterned glass can all be held in multi positions in the Rapidstore.

Therefore, multiple products are quickly and accurately incorporated into the production run without the need to slow down the manufacturing process, and with the right software, this guarantees a smooth transition between products.

The pedigree of the Helga brand is well recognised both nationally and internationally with glass processors, and now more than ever, investments made have to be reliable and guarantee the best quality. Furthermore, the experience of the engineers ensures that a business can stay ahead during challenging economic times.

Staying Ahead

A glass processor could need to use many specialist glasses for a number of customer’s projects and this is critical to cycle running times. Typical Rapidstore configurations have 20-30 or more glass types in a limited area and eliminates the need to keep manually moving glass, which ultimately means less damage. Also, this system eliminates the need to stop production to search for the right glass type for a particular project, or to select the right glass from separate storage areas. A bonus to the Rapidstore System is that it has stock control of the products within the Rapidstore/Loader that can be equally applied to glass outside the loading system!

For high volume manufacturers with a large product range, this automated storage system provides many advantages. For manufacturers with limited space, storage can be outside the working areas of the cranes or even adjacent to the cutting line. In relation to jumbo sized glasses, the Rapidstore can be installed in combination with the gantry loading systems - there are many installation combinations that are possible.

The HEGLA engineering team is skilled in creating layout designs that will suit the needs of a business as a company grows, planning for what you do now and also what will or can come later, is all important.

Fast and Efficient

Quick and efficient production is now essential when it comes to the smooth operation of factories in the UK or anywhere else in the World. Machines must have higher output with a minimum of the same manpower, preferably with less manpower.

Paul Gibbs, Sales at HEGLA UK comments, “The new generation of glasses require precision engineering to guarantee the quality of the glass on all sized projects. Specifiers, designers and end users are demanding more from products today and processors need to be able to keep pace with them.”

Bernhard Hoetger, COO, HEGLA Group concludes, “The HEGLA team works closely with key industry decision makers and customers then carefully creates plans that will improve automation standards across the sector.

Accommodating customer needs is a priority for the HEGLA group, who work hard to accommodate customer needs and ensure that reliability and increased productivity will consistently guarantee exceptional results.” 

To improve manufacturing efficiency or to discover more about the Rapidstore system and other systems in the HEGLA range please call Paul Gibbs on: 0330 124 5759.

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