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Ultion to become a family of premium locks

The new Ultion security family

Brisant has developed the Ultion family to provide an Ultion secure solution for all situations. With a focus on extreme security and innovation, hardware house Brisant is announcing two new locks: the Ultion 1* cylinder which is being launched now, and a new Ultion 3* product which will be launched in the new year.

The new Ultion 1* cylinder has been tested by master locksmiths and is Sold Secure Gold accredited. The cylinder can be used with 2* security handles to achieve 3* security overall.

Specifically developed in 2019, Brisant upgraded the original Ultion lock to the WXM with more molybdenum and the strongest key on the market. This 3*PLUS solution delivers extreme durability for where locks are subjected to extreme stress. This change was evidenced by its market-leading cycle test, beating the 100,000 requirements by a further one million cycles. The marking on the lock is changing to show this achievement by displaying the 3*PLUS.

Then, in the new year, Brisant will be launching a new Ultion 3* lock to sit between the new 1* and the existing 3*PLUS. The intention is for the lock to be TS007 3* rated and Sold Secure Diamond security rated.

Uniquely, the new 1* and 3* Ultion locks can be keyed alike. So, with one single Ultion key homeowners can access all areas of the home: a PVC entrance door with a 3* Ultion, a PVC panel inner door on a porch with 1* Ultion, a bifold door with a 3* Ultion, and even a garage door or shed.

All Ultion locks are backed with the Ultion security guarantee against burglary by lock snapping. The guarantee does not ask the homeowner to report on the performance of the installer, as some guarantees do.

Nick Dutton, Brisant CEO, comments: “Ultion has become so successful in meeting the security needs of the industry that it’s become the default for extreme security. We listened to customers wanting to extend the premium Ultion brand to other areas and we responded, so homeowners and installers can now buy doors for other areas around the home that will protect against even the most determined burglar.”

Brisant Secure

Brisant Secure is led by cylinder lock expert CEO Steve Stewart. Steve designed Brisant’s range of innovative, premium quality, top performance cylinders, which have been widely accepted by the locksmith market and now making rapid in roads to the replacement door market. Having previously run ABS and designed Avocet’s ABS lock, many consider Steve the leading cylinder lock designer in the UK.

In an industry that relies on £3 Euro cylinders, standards and guidelines are complicated and often confused, so installers are misled as to the real security they are selling, and homeowners think they are more secure than they are. Brisant wants to change that.

Sold Secure Diamond testing has no rules. All cylinders are tested using any and all means known to breach cylinders. There is no time limit to how long a trained MLA locksmith can have to dissect the lock. If the lock breaks, it failed. If the lock isn’t breached by any attack, it is awarded Diamond status. Cylinders that have achieved this rating are truly the locks that lock.

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