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The smart app to control your blinds

The Italian company Sunbell have introduced a new feature for controlling their blinds, utilising a mobile app called Ai-Sun it allows for the remote operation of blinds via a mobile phone or tablet. The Ai-Sun app connects through an improved internet enabled central control box, allowing for the easy programming and operation of blinds as required. The system may also be retrofitted to existing Suncen installations by upgrading to a new type of box with an ethernet internet connection. The Sunbell system is easy to use offering the perfect solution for managing the opening, closing and tilting of blinds.

Sunbell is a leading designer and supplier of interstitial blinds for glazed units offering a wide choice designs and materials including Venetian, pleated and blackout options in a selection of colours.

The system offers a flexible solution for control and privacy offering both manual and motorised solutions powered by either a rechargeable battery or hardwired.

Sunbell blinds are made to order in kit form on 3-week lead time direct from Italy complete, ready for assembly into a glazed unit.

The system offers a stylish combination of Italian design, superb quality and engineering excellence providing a modern and energy efficient solution for all types of buildings.

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