Nobu Hotel Warsaw Timeless elegance meets modern design

Kreuzlingen / Switzerland, October 2020

A new design hotel in the Polish capital is making its mark with extraordinary architecture that combines the Art Deco style of the 1920s with the modern era: the Nobu Hotel Warsaw. Established by Oscar prize winner Robert De Niro, the Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and the entrepreneur Meir Teper, the exclusive 5-star hotel with 117 rooms and suites stands in Warsaw’s cultural Mokotów district. Construction work on the 100 million PLN (21,8 million €) project began in 2017, and the hotel opened its doors to guests from around the world on 3 August 2020.

Nobu currently has almost 40 restaurants worldwide which combine characteristic Japanese dishes with – depending on the location – local culinary delicacies. Following the success of the restaurant chain, the founders of the Nobu brand decided to create luxurious hotels that combine excellent cuisine and a stay in an extraordinary ambience. The Nobu brand is also particularly well-known for the architecture of its buildings, each of which is different and creates an individual reference to the hotel's location.

An unusual, trapezoidal glass structure with offset floors arose in Warsaw, where the twelfth hotel of the renowned brand was built. Particularly striking is the new building’s façade made of crushed glass which offers the discerning clientèle, including a number of Hollywood stars, sufficient privacy without having to forego the view of the Warsaw skyline.

The hotel was built on the site of the former Rialto Hotel and is surrounded by historic buildings, which necessitated a cautious approach. The original Rialto was converted into a classic wing and extended with a contemporary new structure whose clear design vocabulary makes reference to the Warsaw architectural style at the beginning of the last century. The modern part was designed by the Polish architecture firm Medusa Group and the design office Studio PCH from California. The result is a successful combination of the traditional Japanese touch with modern architecture.

Masterpieces of modern Polish art from the Grzegorz Jankilewicz Collection can be found in all of the hotel’s public areas. The combination of cuisine, culture, architecture and energy efficiency makes the Nobu Hotel Warsaw unique.

Abundant daylight with high energy efficiency

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