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Bohle launches new smart glass surface protection coating

A next generation evolution of Bohle’s industry leading BriteGuard® range, BriteGuard® Pro delivers the same powerful protection against grime, stains and dirt, while eliminating three processes. This means that rather than having to apply a surface activator, sealer and finally finisher, all that’s needed is a single application, cutting coating times by 30-minutes. This delivers significant savings to glass processors where surface coating protection is being applied as part of manufacture, on-site or in retro-application.

Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, said: “The ability to cut application times down by 30-minutes or more is a massive advantage, regardless of whether that’s in manufacture or on-site application. As the leading surface protection coating technology for glass BriteGuard® has always performed to a very high standard. Achieving that same cutting-edge performance in a fraction of the time, is another very clear advantage for glass processors and home improvement specialists.”

BriteGuard® Pro is suitable for use with glass and glazed ceramic surfaces, including showers, balustrading, conservatories and windows. It works by lowering glass surface tension, significantly reducing the build-up of dirt and preventing staining and corrosion. “It’s designed to support glass processors in adding value to their own offer to the end-user. Water and dirt simply pearls away”, Dave added.

Application is simple. After pre-cleaning the surface with a silicone-free glass cleaner or a suitable alcohol based cleaner, BriteGuard® Pro is applied manually and creates a matt surface appearance within a few seconds. Polishing then makes the glass surface hydrophobic and reducing surface tension, making it far easier to clean.

Apart from BriteGuard® Surface Activator, Surface Sealer and Surface Finisher, BriteGuard® Pro also replaces the BriteGuard® Express surface protection. The proven BriteGuard® Surface Sealer X remains part of the product range as a protection for rough surfaces.

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